Do you spend a lot of time in your kitchen? Have you occasionally used it for formal entertaining, and not only casual family dinners? If the answer is yes, you’re following one of the most common trends in kitchen design today.

Homeowners today are embracing the kitchen like never before. They tend to view it as one of the most important spaces within their home, and not only for the resale value. As a result of this thinking, higher quality products and more extravagant materials have become increasingly more popular in order to make the room standout, plus homeowners understand the investment is worth it.

People are becoming bolder when it comes to designing or renovating their kitchen. At EuroTrend Cabinets we understand our clients perfectly. They want to love their kitchen, but also wish to entertain in it. This allows us to provide an extensive range of ideas, designs, products, finishes, and features. We love what we do, and it clearly shows in our experience, passion, and finished work.

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The kitchen has become a brilliant entertaining space, rather than just a gathering area. It’s quite common these days for people to host a small dinner party in their kitchen because of the beautiful design, style, comfort, bench tops and spectacular lighting. Everything necessary to make the occasion memorable and special.

Here are four trends in kitchen design to make your kitchen the perfect entertainer:

1. Luxury benchtops

We see a lot of beautiful and luxurious stone finishes in kitchens today, including quartz surfaces. Caesarstone are infamous for their range and quality.

2. Hardware is like jewellery

Hardware is a great way to dress up a design and add some glamour and style. The selection and options are endless, from unique, one of a kind items like beautiful Parisian drawer pulls or sleek modern steel handles.

3. Statement lighting

Simple recessed lights have transformed into larger, more dazzling features as a centrepiece. Lighting has become a big part of the kitchen. Adding amazing lighting fixtures, both antique and contemporary over an island or table makes a tremendous statement.

4. Appliances

Homeowners are more prepared to invest in top appliances, including stoves and induction cooktops, which can often be extravagant purchases, but they offer value and make a strong design statement. Even with a limited budget, one investment piece can make a huge difference.

With lifestyle changes over the years, kitchens have evolved, making the kitchen more versatile, luxurious, and the most significant room in the home.

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