About EuroTrend Cabinets

EuroTrend Cabinets is a family run company founded in 1999. Over the years EuroTrend Cabinets has enjoyed a rapidly growing reputation in giving the best service and quality finishes possible. EuroTrend kitchens are more than food prep areas, they are complete rooms designed in great detail and with all modern conveniences.

Winning the prestigious HIA Awards has given EuroTrend “something to hang the company’s banner on”. Having won these awards gives clients confidence in our product, it gives us a unique selling point, gives the company a higher profile and more status with the public. In an industry that’s changing so rapidly – from advances in technology to ever expanding product offerings – you want a company that has experience and industry relationships to guide you successfully through the process.

Our staff will take you from conception to completion, making the creation of your new kitchen a smooth and enjoyable experience.

It’s the centre of the home and central to one’s life. Give it the attention it deserves. From one-of-a-kind luxury kitchens to comfortably elegant ones, EuroTrend Cabinets is the right choice.

Beautiful kitchens are created with experience, care, and precision

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HIA Awards
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