Blum - The complete kitchen solution

Why smart storage matters in the kitchen and home?

At EuroTrend Cabinets, we’ve been designing and creating smart kitchen solutions for many years with a brand we trust, Blum.

Blum - Perfecting motion

The Blum range and selection is extensive, plus the quality is exceptional.

Some features of the Blum range include silent and effortless closing. The BLUMOTION (soft-close) feature is integrated into most fitting solutions. Did you ever receive a shock or scare when a cabinet or drawer quickly slammed closed, by yourself, or someone else. This solution prevents such undesirable surprises.

The SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system allows pull-outs and lift systems to open as if by magic. A simple light touch is all that is required. It can also be integrated with refrigerators, freezers or dishwashers. If you like the idea and design of a kitchen without handles, this could be perfect for you.


Accessible drawer solutions are a must in every kitchen, plus optimizing every storage space is important. Drawer systems have become increasingly popular with pull-outs instead of the traditional door option. Essentially providing ergonomic and easy access to interior spaces.

With pull-outs, all contents can be seen, providing easy access without bending down and foraging to the back of a cabinet.

Blum - Product innovations

This not only applies to kitchens. It could be the perfect option for your office, wardrobe, ensuite / bathroom or television / multimedia cabinets. The LEGRABOX drawer system is designed for this purpose, with high quality motion and soft closing. Allowing the furniture to do the work effortlessly, giving you more comfort.


The AMBIA-LINE is the dividing system provided by Blum. Slim, minimal and elegant with options for cutlery inserts, versatile framing provides flexible and functional organizing for objects of any size. With non-slip and magnetic fixing, everything is secured perfectly in place.

For kitchen accessories, plates can be stacked and stored securely, foil and plastic wrap accessible, knives stored safely, or even organize your spices just the way you like.

Blum provide many more incredible options and possibilities that we haven’t mentioned here.

Come and visit us in our showroom and we can explain why we recommend and use Blum in our kitchens and cabinets.

Let’s design your new spectacular Shepparton kitchen using the Blum range of products.

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